Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Herschel, Ella, Gertie & Mabel Braswell

Herschell Braswell is the grandson of Sampson Braswell & Priscilla Williams.

This photo was made about 1945 of Leroy Braswell's son Herschel who is shown with his wife Ella Estes Braswell and their two daughters Gertie Braswell Stephens and Mabel Braswell. Gertie is still alive and resides in a nursing home in Smithville TN and is about 97 years old. It is most remarkable that one of Leroy Braswell's grandchildren is still alive! There are not many people like Gertie who can claim to having had a grandparent born almost 200 years ago!

Jerry Parker contributed this picture and information and descends from both of Leroy Braswell's wives (1) Mary Sellars and (2) Lucinda Bray and Leroy's sister Unicey Braswell Cubbins.

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