Friday, March 16, 2012

Daughters of Joseph Clayton Braswell & wife Emma

Jesse Braswell 1840-1912

Son of Robert Braswell & Susanna Tabour

Joseph Clayton Braswell 1872-1960

Son of Jesse & Sarah Braswell

Husband of Emma

George Arthur Braswell 1884-1943

With wife Lucy Nichols & son William Hines Braswell

Eunell Braswell 1918-1998

Son of Isaac Hampton Braswell & Naomia Freeman

Gladys Eufaula Braswell 1909-1984

Daughter of Isaac Hampton Braswell & Naomia Freeman

Wife of Cline Leroy Pruitt

Mary ODella Braswell 1877-1954

Daughter of William Hudson Braswell & Mary Etta Forrester

Wife of James Flanigan